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QA Engineer Quiz: For software test engineer job role. Which includes 19 questions. Take Quiz now!

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1) What is the primary advantage of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) over traditional testing approaches?

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2) What skills are important for a senior test engineer to possess beyond technical expertise?

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3) What does it mean if a test case has "high severity" but "low priority"?

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4) What is the purpose of a defect triage meeting?

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5) How do you measure the effectiveness of a testing process?

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6) Which type of testing is best suited for automation due to its repetitive nature?

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7) What is the purpose of a "Page Object Model" in test automation?

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8) What is the main advantage of using data-driven testing?

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9) Which programming languages are commonly used for writing automated test scripts?

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10) What is the primary purpose of exploratory testing?

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11) In which type of testing is the actual software replaced with a "mock" or simulated component?

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12) What is the difference between verification and validation in testing?

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13) What is the primary goal of stress testing?

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14) Which testing technique involves using pre-defined templates to generate test cases?

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15) Which testing phase focuses on finding defects that were not identified during earlier testing phases?

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16) What is the purpose of a test plan in the testing process?

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17) What does the term "Test Case Coverage" refer to?

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18) Which testing technique is used to test a module's behavior with only a limited set of input values?

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19) What is the main goal of regression testing?

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