Manual software Testing | Most important Manual software testing topics | Must know before giving an interview

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Most important Manual software testing topics, Must know before giving an interview

Manual Testing

Manual software Testing

The syllabus for manual software testing generally covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Software Testing
    • Software development life cycle (SDLC) and Software testing life cycle (STLC)
    • Types of testing
    • Importance of software testing
  2. Test Planning
    • Test Strategy
    • Test Plan
    • Test Case Design
  3. Test Execution
    • Test Execution Process
    • Test Case Execution
    • Defect Reporting and Tracking
  4. Defect Management
    • Defect life cycle
    • Severity and Priority
    • Defect Reporting
  5. Types of Testing
    • Functional testing
    • Non-Functional testing
    • Regression testing
    • Acceptance testing
    • Exploratory testing
  6. Test Management
    • Test Estimation
    • Test Metrics
    • Test Reporting
  7. Test Automation
    • Introduction to Test Automation
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Test Automation
    • Types of Test Automation Tools
  8. Test Environment
    • Test Bed
    • Test Data
    • Test Harness
  9. Software Development Models
    • Waterfall model
    • Agile model
    • V-model
  10. Software Testing Types
    • Black Box Testing
    • White Box Testing
    • Gray Box Testing

These all are the topics you need to cover before giving Manual Software testing interview

If possible, write these things down and look at them once a day, it will definitely help you while you giving an interview

In coming days we will post full and accurate explanation on each topic.

Note : It is important to note that the syllabus may vary depending on the institution or organization offering the course or training program.

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